Sun, sex, surf and turf

“Hope you had fun,” the Air Mexicana pilot said. “Now it’s back to reality.”

It had been fun: sun, sand, surfing, sex, tequila, Argentinian beef super-seared over four-foot high flames, hammocks, friends, horseback riding, snorkeling– a friendly Canadian guy even let me feed the pet alligator he had behind his house (I tossed it hunks of raw chicken from a pail, which it snatched at with it’s three-foot-long, prehistoric jaws– my heart pounding the whole time).

It had been wonderful, a fantasy time, a second honeymoon with no kids. Now, as the pilot pointed out: we were heading back to the snowed-in, stressed-out, hyperborean hinterland we called home…

Was it all a dream? We stayed in a lovely house with a pool. Me, I spent my day reading in a hammock. Did I feel guilty? No. I work hard: and I kept telling myself: “Reading is an accomplishment too.” As any parent knows.

It felt great. I read three books in a week– something I probably haven’t done since college (great books too: “Conversations with Woody Allen,” by Robert Lax, “Born Standing Up,” by Steve Martin, and a dryly hilarious thriller called “Headlong,” by the playwright Michael Frayn), we relaxed poolside, ate great Mexican food all the time, and I swore to my wife Pam I would never (again) write about our sex life but perhaps I can just say that everyone is at their best when relaxed.

Basically Pam and I and our two flatmates Scott and Liz unwound like a busted old alarm clock.

And trust me: you don’t realize how tightly wound you were until you unwind.

Back here for two days in the hyperborean hinterlands, everyone seems so stressed.

Of course, there’s a place for that too. The friendly Canadian guy with the pet alligator, Mitch– at first we thought he worked for the restaurant down the beach where we ate all our meals (and b/t/w if you like meat and you ever get a chance to try Argentinian beef, snatch at it like a croc at a drumstick, because they raise it a whole different way, it’s delish): he came over to our table, gave us tips on what was good, cleared our plates.

Turned out he didn’t even work there! He was a guy who came down on vacation 9 years ago and never left. He didn’t even have a job and after we fed the croc asked me if I wouldn’t mind “chipping in” for the chicken, which cost eight bucks. “That crocodile eats better than I do,” he kept muttering.

That’s too mellow. His mother had come down to join him on semi-permanent vacation, and she kept saying “I have nothing in my head! My brain is empty” as if that were some sort of positive accomplishment.

“There’s a joke about that, you know,” my mother said. “This banker is in a tropical paradise and he tells another guy ‘I love it here, I’ve got it all worked out, I work really hard and I get to spend a whole month here in paradise.’ The other guy says: ‘I live here.’”

“What’s the point of that joke?” I asked my mother.

“Well, that the second guy has it made without all the stress of being a banker.”

The thing is: I sympathize with the banker. You don’t want to take your vacation too seriously. That’s called retirement and I’m never gonna be ready for that. After a week I was ready to fly back, duke it out, mix it up, roll up my sleeves, go back on the attack on all fronts with renewed vigor.

“Back to reality?” Bring it on.

What is Metformin

Want to know Metformin? And how to use it in various ages categories? What are the most popular places with affordable price? All this and many other you will get to know at the pages of our site. Come on!

The main goal of therapy with Metformin – the sensitivity of peripheral tissues to insulin. However, the effectiveness of the drug is in diabetes and other diseases in the pathogenesis of which plays a role insulin resistance, due not only to increased sensitization of tissues to insulin.

The mechanism of Metformin action includes:

increase the number of insulin receptors on the cell membrane, increasing glucose uptake of muscle and adipose tissue
changing the pharmacodynamics of insulin by reducing the ratio of bound to free insulin and increases the ratio of proinsulin to insulin
increased utilization of glucose by anaerobic glycolysis
reducing hepatic glucose production
decrease glucose absorption in the gastrointestinal tract
the suppression of fat oxidation and formation of free fatty acids, lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, raising HDL

Given that the range of drugs that allowed for the pathogenetic treatment of childhood obesity, it is extremely limited. Today, in spite of  the price, it is the only drug that can have a pronounced positive effect in these patients.

A lot of patients who buy Metformin have noticed its strong position in the treatment of adult patients with type 2 diabetes. In addition, these drugs are used for the correction of insulin resistance and other conditions such as MS and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Where to buy it without prescription? The easiest and most convenient way – is to order it online. You will be pleased with Metformin cheap price and fast delivery.

How to Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Many people nowadays are finding ways on how to lose weight while staying healthy. Losing weight and getting sick in the process isn’t really worth it especially in the long run. So, crash diets, starving, self provoked vomiting and over exercising should be taken out of the program. The healthy way to lose the unwanted weight requires a combination of various techniques and one’s willpower.

Here are some ways on how to lose weight the healthy way:

Consult Your Doctor

Before hopping on any exercise program or getting hooked in the latest fad diet, one should first consult a doctor. Find out what exercises are possible and learn what food and type of diet will work best. Going gung ho on losing weight might end up as a wrong turn for the worse if one isn’t careful.

Keep Eating

Getting on a diet is an integral part of the entire process of losing weight. One cannot definitely go on exercising 24/7 without eating anything and expect to remain healthy. When people try to lose weight, they should keep eating. However, that doesn’t mean that they should keep eating the same old food that got them in the said situation in the first place.

A good way to get on a diet is to shift from junk food packed with chips and burgers to nutrient rich food that are healthier and doesn’t drag in any unnecessary calories. This is actually one of the biggest reasons why people should consult with their doctors or a nutritionist.

A good tip that goes on with eating healthy is to count the number of calories that one has already consumed. Another important tool that people can use is a food diary. This will help folks keep track of the food they eat and how much calories they have already taken in. Be sure to avoid trans-fats and saturated fats. People should also make sure that they cut down on the amount of sugar they consume. A good tip is to choose whole grains next time you do your groceries.

How to Lose Weight by Staying Fit

Be sure to keep a fitness log to track how well you did in your workout. Be sure to work with your fitness instructor on the first few sessions. Staying fit also means to be physically active. If some people are currently unfit for weight training then they should try alternative ways of getting in shape such as dancing, swimming, martial arts, swimming, or even just walking regularly.

Bentley Substation V8i – 21st Century Design & Modelling

Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced the new Bentley Substation V8i product yesterday. The software is the first of it’s type on the market and a major step ahead to intelligent 3D modelling for electrical substation planning, operation and lifecycle management.
Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Richard Zambuni of Bentley Systems introduced the new product saying, “utility operations today have operated in a similar way for decades and this product will open the door to the 21st century utility.”  He indicated that this product will bring a major change from operating in 2D to operating in 3D for electrical utilities.

Major drivers for this product include a need for increased collaboration and changing patterns in energy supply and demand.

Substations are changing. Smart Grids need to be re-designed to allow for the step-down of all forms of power types (non-renewable and renewable) from generating sources. Current growth in substations is rapid and required to meet these needs.
Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

The needs for utility modelling include (3D):

1) Integrates physical design

2) Creates information model

3) Collaboration between individual and groups

4) Documentation creation 100%

Bentley Substation V8i is estimated to produce a gain of 30% in design time and capable of achieving upwards of 60% reduction in building costs due to increased efficiency – fewer design hours, fewer errors and faster approvals.
Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Major gains include:

    Intelligent substation information models that allow distributed users to work efficiently with federated data in a single environment;
    The most complete set of substation engineering and design tools available with a common graphical user interface, making the software easy to learn;
    Integration with the ProjectWise system for connecting people and information to facilitate engineering content management and team collaboration in support of streamlined workflows.

Bentley Substation V8i also includes an inventory of 2 million common electrical parts that users can include immediately into their designs. The company is aiming the product directly into the growing Smart Grid energy and electricity market place. China is anticipated to see the largest growth and the product will become available shortly.

IBERDROLA Engineering and Construction in Spain has been testing the software prior during the development stages and notes considerable gains in integrating their work flow processes.
Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Image: Bentley Systems, Incorporated

The design of substations can now be coupled to the traditional 2D drawings. But important benefits are also being realised through being able to work in 3D, such as avoidance of clashes, improved measurement and better communication of designs for approval.

This is a major step forward in terms of intelligent utility design. Bentley Systems is already a significant player in the utility market from design through to de-commissioning, and the product fits in well to the already existing product offering.

Cheapest dog insurance

Having the cheapest dog insurance can save you tons of money in the long run. Like all other types of insurance, a number of factors come into play in the calculation of premiums. But picking a cheap dog insurance policy may be somewhat bewildering at times because there are many pet insurance companies out there which offer similar policies but at differing prices and options.

Dog insurance is very much like insurance for humans. For instance, humans who are in the prime of their life pays lower premiums. The same is true for dogs or other pets. So insuring your dog when you first get it will mean you it will cost you less. But overall, there is more to dog insurance than most people realise, and it pays to have good information before going shopping for the cheapest dog insurance.

One thing that needs to be considered is the breed of your dog. Just like cars, expensive breeds can be more costly. On top of that, certain breeds also have inherent health problems, and that too can affect the premiums. So, it is important to have a specific breed of dog health insurance against specific diseases.

Selecting a maximum cover policy will definitely cost more than selecting one that does not offer comprehensive coverage. But then again, depending on the dog you have, you may not need a maximum cover. So, since dog insurance often have many options, it is wise to think through it carefully as you may not need certain types of cover.

However, do be aware of payout limitations and benefit schedules – believe me, you do not want to be caught pants down.

All dog insurance policies, whether its dog health insurance or dog illness protection, are privy to a payout limit. Hence, make sure you know what this amount is before committing to buying the policy.

Before taking out a plan for your lovely pet, it is also important for you to know what benefit schedule elements can, and cannot be reimbursed to avoid confusion later on. Also, make sure you are aware of the various implications involved also.

The cost of dog insurance cover varies from country to country. In Britain, a fairly comprehensive policy can be had for as little as £10.00 pounds per month. Such a policy can cover the canine for virtually all diseases, illnesses, and injuries that may occur at any stage during its life.

You may want to consider getting your dog insurance policy online. That way you can take advantage of the online discounts many providers offer for using the internet. Like many other types of insurance, the premiums can be altered based on varying factors. So, to get the cheapest dog insurance you may choose to opt for a higher excess – meaning if your dog is taken ill you may need to cover a certain amount of the fees.

But generally, the “average” policy will normally include cover against incidents where your pet dog caused harm to a third party. Imagine your pet suddenly running out in front of a vehicle and caused a pile-up. The cost of the damage to another person or property can be huge, so it’s best to have such a cover.

There are other important questions you will want to ask when you are looking for the right cheap dog insurance. The first question is – how stable or reputable is the company? You definitely do not want to go with a company which goes out of business when you are about to make your first claim!

It is also vital to query whethere all veterinarians are covered. Some companies selling the cheapest dog insurance allow only certain veterinarians to be visited. Other companies to not have such a limit. It all depends on the insurance company, so screen this aspect carefully.

One final thing to ask in your quest for the cheapest dog insurance is what kind of annual cap there is on benefits. Similar to other types of insurance, there is a limit which an insurance can spend, and its best you know what is the maximum amount.